The People’s Pledge of Allegiance

If we are going to reach for a new America, we are going to have to pledge ourselves to something more real than flags and republics. We are going to have to pledge ourselves to all the people, the people who are able to live and breathe and those who still struggle to live and breathe in America.

At this moment in our country’s history, I am asking you to make a different kind of pledge.

I pledge allegiance
to all the people
of the United States of America:
Black, brown, white,
and all the shades in between;
and to the values
for which we stand:
unity, diversity, cooperation,
and celebration;
one nation humbly searching
for truth, goodness, and beauty,
while we safeguard each other's
liberty, dignity, and opportunity
so there can be justice for all.
A New Pledge of Allegiance